We love food.  We love art.

We love new hotels and restaurants. 


Akala in Arabic means He ate.

We love to travel and when doing so - seeking out new and unique experiences wherever that journey takes us. From street food to street art - to fine dining and the finer things in life, the aim is to explore, learn and grow.

Having been based in the Middle East for almost ten years, we find ourselves increasingly being asked about what's good and what's not, so we try to stay informed and offer the inside line on what is going on and happening around all of this amazing country - Dubai, Abu Dhabi and beyond.

We are discerning and forthright and we like to keep it honest. We do things a little differently, going beyond the obvious. 

Most of all we want to enjoy and share the fun and passion of eating and discovering new destinations.

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With a great appreciation for art, architecture and design, you will also notice that these things are a major focus for our reviews. A hotel stay is more than just the room and a great meal is more than just the food.

It's about the whole experience.

The small details and the fine touches are what transform an experience from great to unforgettable. For us, it's about coming away feeling inspired and wanting to come back for more. It's about creativity and having fun because ultimately, eating, creating and traveling are all meant to be just that!

He came, he saw, he ate.

Thanks for stopping by.