Akala has developed a 5-star scoring system to rate our experiences. Perhaps getting a high Akala score isn't quite the same as getting a Michelin Star but we'd like to think it's kind of close... :)

The following aspects of an experience are taken into consideration when reviewing a destination.

The Official Akala Rating is a 5 Star Score which is consists of:

1 Star for Interior Design & Ambience

1 Star for Service & Engagement

1 Star for Presentation & Originality

1 Star for Taste & Refinement

1 Star for Memorability & Value


What does it mean?

1 Star Rating:  Sorry but don’t Bother.  Will Not Return.

2 Star Rating: Room for Improvement.  May Possibly Return.

3 Star Rating: Well Worth the Visit.  Will Return.

4 Star Rating: Outstanding.  Will Happily Return.

5 Star Rating: Must Go!  Will Definitely be Back.

An Official 5 Star Akala Rating is reserved for only the best of the best. To be rewarded with this score the destination must provide a highly unique and memorable dining or hotel experience, consisting of exemplary taste, quality and service. 


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