Exploring a new city or finding new things in old places has become a bit of a pastime. Getting something to eat along the way is all part of it. With a focus on fine dining and new hotels, Akala is independent, our opinions are our own and we strive to inform and entertain with a sense of objectivity and humor.

Wherever possible, all fine dining destinations are reviewed twice prior to posting, this ensures an accurate and balanced account of the experience.

Akala does not accept payment for review or promoting an outlet and Akala does not allow any paid advertising on this site, which means you are getting a clean and uncluttered, honest browsing experience.

We dine anonymously and randomly, so you never know when or where Akala will go next.

All of the photography, the words, the reviews and opinions expressed are ours and ours alone. We take great pride in offering original, high quality content and we hope that the reviews offer our readers an informed view and outlets constructive feedback, possibly even a slightly different perspective.

The great thing is we're not selling you anything.

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The reviews are based on our experiences as they occur taking into consideration all of the aspects that go into a meal or a stay. Please refer to the Akala Rating Section for more details on the scoring system and how it is applied to each review. We are happy to get your feedback on this too.

If you have something you think we need to know about, an opening, an event or an exhibition, then please get in touch with us at: editorial@akala.ae and we will do our best to put it on the hit list!

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